January 21, 2013

Stop the blame game

La renovación de la atención primaria desde la consulta

Nowadays, those in contact with physicians in publicly funded health care are used to hear about blaming over the politicians and managers, about health system . As this HBR blog states: "Playing the blame game never works". In general, the suggestion is:
  • Don't blame others for your mistakes. 
  • When you complain, do so constructively.
  • Set an example by confidently taking ownership for failures.
  • Always focus on learning. 
  • Reward people for making mistakes. 
But what about the system?. If we focus on primary care, I've started reading "La renovación de la atención primaria desde la consulta" . The first chapter explains that innovation should start from the doctor's office, stop complaining. Sounds excellent, however some of our difficulties are systemic and somebody has to fix them.
I really suggest you read it, because when you arrive at chapter 8 and 9 you'll have an overall assessment of the current situation. Don't miss the opportunity to have a look at them.