February 6, 2011

Reforma sanitària gaèlica

FairCare. Fine Gael Proposals to reform the health service and
introduce universal health insurance

Irlanda és un país que ha patit un sotrac econòmic que se l'ha buscat més que altres. I ara davant les eleccions sorgeixen propostes electorals diferents. Els de Fine Gael, el partit que pot resultar majoritari vol fer això:
‘Fine Gael has committed to abolishing the HSE by 2016 and introducing a Universal Health Insurance (UHI) system based on the successful Dutch model.”

Whether Dutch model is successful is a question of course, but parking that issue – he set out three phases for reform should the party be in a position to form a government (it will likely have to be in a coalition with the Labour Party

Phase 1 (2011-14): Fine Gael will reform the current system to bring down waiting lists and build a stronger primary care system.

Phase 2 (2014): Fine Gael will change the way hospitals area paid. Block grants will be replaced by a system based on the numbers of patients they treat – ‘money follows the patient’. This will increase productivity by between 5% and 10%.

Phase 3: (2016): Fine Gael will begin the introduction of UHI. However, we know this is a long term project and bedding down all of reforms will take place during the following five years.

Tema a seguir d'aprop. Pot ser la reforma holandesa una taca d'oli que s'escampa?. En aquest article acabat de publicar es mostra l'estat de situació.

PD. Per cert, si algú vol saber com una llengua parlada per 1 milió de persones acaba que només la parlen 85.000 que miri el gaèlic. Avís per a navegants.