November 25, 2022

Wellbeing as a top priority

Open access book by Tim Besley et al.

Why not focus directly on increasing measured human happiness? Why not try to improve people’s overall quality of life, as it is subjectively seen by citizens themselves?


 Introduction: Making Wellbeing Policies Effective

Timothy Besley & Irene Bucelli

Wellbeing as the Goal of Policy

Richard Layard

Accounting for Consequences and Claims in Policy

Paul Dolan

Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Public Policy: On the Dangers of Single Metric Accounting

Johanna Thoma

Wellbeing in Public Policy: Contributions Based on Sen’s Capability Approach

Paul Anand

Incorporating Wellbeing and Mental Health Research to Improve Pandemic Response

Michael Daly & Liam Delaney

COVID-19 and Mental Health and Wellbeing Research: Informing Targeted, Integrated, and Long-Term Responses to Health Emergencies

Annette Bauer

Health, Wellbeing, and Democratic Citizenship: A Review and Research Agenda

Christopher J. Anderson et al.

Health and Disability Gaps in Political Engagement: A Short Review

Mikko Mattila