September 21, 2022

Managing the decline in Pharma R&D

Global Trends in R&D. OVERVIEW THROUGH 2021

A decade ago I posted this: Gestionar el declivi. John Kay said in 2011:

"When an industry model is broken, the best business strategy may be to manage its decline"

Now a new report confirms that the process continues after a decade.

From IQVIA report:

The composite success rate across all development phases and therapy areas declined to 5.0% in 2021, which can be attributed to an appetite for increased scientific risk in clinical development programs as the bar for efficacy and safety rises, as well as increased pauses in product development due to the pandemic.

Across disease areas, probability of success varies considerably, and 2021’s composite success rate fell below the 10-year trend in all areas except for vaccines and cardiovascular.

 That's all folks.