23 de gener 2022

Precision medicine (2)

Discovering Precision Health: Predict, Prevent, and Cure to Advance Health and Well-Being

Introduction The Power of Precision Health 1

Chapter 1 The State of U.S. Health and Health Care Delivery 15

Chapter 2 There’s More to “Health” Than Health Care 33

Chapter 3 The Innovation and Disruption Powering Progress in Health 43

Chapter 4 Fundamental, Discovery‐Focused Research: The Foundation of Biomedical Breakthroughs 111

Chapter 5 Peering into the Future: Leveraging The Powers of Prediction to Help Prevent Illness 147

Chapter 6 Prevention as a Pathway to Health and Wellness 177

Chapter 7 Curing Disease with More Precise Medical Therapies 207

Conclusion Achieving Precision Health: The Opportunities—and Challenges—Ahead 237