June 15, 2020

Hospital governance: the road not taken

Effective Governance and Hospital Boards Revisited: Reflections on 25 Years of Research

There is a lot of pending work for Hospital Boards to increase its effectiveness. This article shows what has happened in the last years. However, in our close environment, things are still getting worse. Albeit, more research is needed. This is a useful framework that is applied in the article:

Table 1. Board Governance Framework for Mapping the Literature.
Research Themes
Individual actors
•• Board member
•• Board chair/officers
•• CEO/executive director
Governing bodies
•• Governing board as a body
•• Governing board subunits and affiliated
enterprises (e.g., advisory councils)
•• Board–CEO relationship
•• Board–Organization relationship
•• Unitary and single-organization hybrids
•• Multitiered organizations
•• Organizations as actors in alliance or
Networks, alliances, and multiorganizational initiatives
•• Network or alliance as an organization
•• Interorganizational relationships (IOR;
when IOR is the actual focus)
•• Hybrid nonprofits–government networks
Note. Table adapted by Renz (2015) from Hambrick, Werder, and Zajac (2008) and Renz and Andersson