01 de setembre 2019

Precision Public Health

Optimizing Precision Medicine for Public Health

Precision public health (PPH) is an emerging topic of public health that complements the development of precision medicine and utilizes advances in new technologies and knowledge unlocked through big data to better target public health efforts within populations

In publically funded healthcare systems two broad priorities for decision-makers are “to do the most, for the most” (47), and to “reduce health inequity” across the population
The solution in reconciling the n of 1 with the n of many approach for precision medicine and public health respectively lies within using precision medicine  technologies to more accurately identify and define population cohorts, through increased understanding of the underlying causes and biological pathways of disease and health. That is, improved molecular understanding of disease and the underlying  biological pathways create new knowledge that unlocks opportunities for discovery and re-aggregation of patient cohorts.
This article provides some hints about the impact of precision medicine in public health. However, you'll not find the details on how to apply it in practice. We are just in the begining of this approach.