31 de desembre 2015

A professional transformation is already under way

THE FUTURE OF THE PROFESSIONS: how technology will transform the work of human experts

The concept of professional job is changing. A new book tries to reflect the impact of technology on professions.This is a key statement:
We are on the brink of a period of fundamental and irreversible change in the way that the expertise of these specialists is made available in society. Technology will be the main driver of this change. And, in the long run, we will neither need nor want professionals to work in the way that they did in the twentieth century and before. There is growing evidence that a transformation is already under way.
Understanding the new scope and implications of such transformation requires an open mind and being aware. It will be a slow change, the authors say, but deep and irreversible towards the post-professional society.
In the long run, increasingly capable machines will transform the work of professionals, giving rise to new ways of sharing practical expertise in society. This is the central thesis of our book. We cannot commit to timeframes, in large part because the speed of change is not in our hands. But we are confident that the change will constitute an incremental transformation rather than an overnight revolution. In the language of the book, the shift itself can be characterized in many ways: as the industrialization and digitization of the professions; as the routinization and commoditization of professional work; as the disintermediation and demystification of professionals.