June 12, 2014

Questions without answer (2)

EESRI. Estadística dels centres hospitalaris de Catalunya, 2012

These are hard times for hospital finances, public and private. In 2012, the deficit of acute care publicly funded hospitals was -29 million €, and -32,7 million € for privately funded ones. In public hospitals, deficit has slightly decreased and the opposite for private ones. Losses appear in both cases,  independent from ownership, however its distribution is for sure of interest, but unavailable. All this data come from a report that I check annually. Last year I posted some questions without answer, and again and updated I reproduce them:
  • Why private hospitals have a cesarean rate of 37,2% and public hospitals 22.9%? p.15
  • Why "productivity" is double in private than in public hospitals? p.19 (31,52 vs 62,40 UMA/personal sanitari) p.21
  • Does size matter for efficiency? Public hospitals average income 80,7m€ , private ones 19,6m €  p.22
  • Why ambulatory surgery discharges are 47% in publicly funded and 31,6% in private ones ? (p.15) 
  • Why people talk about private profits when there are losses every year?