25 de març 2014

The roots of new governance

Governance in healthcare institutions

As you know, in this blog I quote canadians in many respects. Their "Board of Directors Governance handbook" is a key document for those who want to understand the role of the board in a hospital. I suggest a quick look.
However, last week there was a closer presentation of a document of interest on governance by Consorci Sanitari i Social. The focus is closely related to the current trend towards converting hybrid organizations into public ones following an accounting criteria ESA-95. Some years ago I explained the big transformation in the ownership due to accounting rules! Incredible, but true.
I have always defended management autonomy and these moves were closely related towards less autonomy and more centralization. Right now, I'm repeating the same: we do need a system that is able to introduce the right governance and management. The issue is not only management autonomy it is also a responsible governance, an issue that in the past has been forgotten many times. The document shows the partial roadmap for such evolution. I would prefer to go beyond that and begin a deep review of current ownerhip and contracting in the public system, to improve efficiency.